Get rid of ants in dog food

4 Steps to Get Ants Out of Pet Food and Keep Them Out

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4 Steps to Get Ants Out of Dog Food, and Keep Them Out

Get rid of ants in dog food

The dreaded pest. I have never had an issue with ants until this summer, and they got in the dog food! We even have a storage bin for the dog food, but it’s not actually sealed under the lid. After some investigating and research, I figured out 4 Steps to Get Ants Out of Pet Food and Keep Them Out.

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My first problem was how they were getting in. We keep our dog food bin in the pantry, and we redid our floors and baseboards last year. We didn’t put new baseboards in the pantry because you can’t see them, but I realized maybe they are there for more than visual appeal. The ants were coming in the cracks between the floor and the wall! Last step on my list is to get my husband to finish the floorboards in the pantry, and calk the bottom to create a seal.

ants in pet food

Here are the supplies you will need. Hopefully you already have most of them on hand!

  1. Ant spray
  2. Cinnamon
  3. Corn Starch
  4. Large Bin
  5. Colander
  6. Petroleum Jelly

prevent ants
ants in dog food

Step 1: Kill the ants already in the house

Luckily I had this handy ant spray on hand, that is safe to use around kids and pets, because it’s just natural oils. This will not prevent any ants from coming into your house in the future, so you will have to do more preventative steps.

prevent ants in pet food

Step 2: Prevent ants from getting in the house

Hopefully baseboards will be a more permanent solution, but I had recently heard that ants hate cinnamon. I used some ground cinnamon and filled in along all the floor/wall seems where ants were coming in. It’s hard to see since my floors are a similar color, but the first picture has some cinnamon along the wall. I then used a broom to push it down into the crack.

Step 3: Get the ants out of the dog food

Here’s the hardest part. You have to clean out all the dog food that is now infested with ants. Luckily the bin wasn’t entirely full, so this didn’t take too long. First, dump all the food out into a large bin

ants in dog food

Next, pour some corn starch onto the food and mix it in. The corn starch will make it so the ants cannot grip onto the food, and they will fall off and separate. Then use a colander to sift through the food, shaking the ants off, and replace the clean food back into the bin. The minimal corn starch left on the food will not hurt your pet.

Step 4: Prevent ants from getting into the bin

To prevent any rogue ants in your house from getting back into the dog food, seal your container if it is not airtight. I used petroleum jelly around the edge. I will be purchasing a better sealing dog food bin! Good luck!

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