carpet cleaner stain remover

Carpet Cleaner and Stain Remover

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Carpet cleaner and stain remover

My carpets have seen a lot of dog bodily fluids. And I mean A LOT. That’s why I came up with this carpet cleaner and stain remover. When we first got Izzy as a puppy, she had a very sensitive stomach. We had to test out a bunch of different foods before we found one gentle enough. So she had quite a bit of diarrhea. We were renting our apartment, so cleaning those carpets was extremely important to me so I didn’t end up having to relinquish my deposit, or pay for the carpets to be replaced.

Once we owned our own home, Izzy was very trustworthy with potty training. However, I started to do more dog sitting at this time. The dogs I watch have all sorts of accidents. I knew we would sell our home at on point, so having carpets without pet stains was still important. It’s important to me in general, because I don’t want to live in a house with pee and poop stains or smells in my carpet.

Now that we have human babies, this formula gets used even more! I usually make a big batch and keep it in a milk jug so I always have it on hand.

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Carpet cleaner and stain remover ingredients

  • Vinegar Oh Vinegar. My favorite cleaning product. I always have at least two gallons on hand. It’s the best product for neutralizing odors. I clean my floors with it, and whenever a dog has an accident on carpet, I dab the urine with a paper towel, soak it in vinegar, dab that up, then soak it in vinegar again to dry. It neutralizes the urine smell beautifuly.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide known for its stain removing abilities, hydrogen peroxide is what will get those carpets sparkling
  • DAWN Dish Soap This stuff if amazing. You’ve seen those stories of animal rescuers using DAWN to get oil off of wildlife, right? Here’s an insider secret from  my days as an Esthetician: The active ingredient in most cleaners and stain removers is Sodium Laurel Sulfate or Sodium Laureth Sulfate. It’s in your shampoo, soaps, everything. It’s just soap! If you want to clean something, use DAWN. Do yourself a favor and get the Ultra Platinum.



1 C Hydrogen Peroxide

1/2 C Vinegar

1/4 C DAWN

2 drops Essential oil of your choice. I like Eucalyptus or Lavender

2 C warm water

This formula will fit into a typical cleaning spray bottle. You can adjust your volume as needed, obviously.

Just add all to bottle, shake, and spray! Sometimes I’ll dip a toothbrush into the solution and scrub it into the carpet. I usually just scrub until it comes clean, then wipe with a cloth. For really set in stains it may be necessary to scrub, rinse, then add the solution to the carpet and let it sit for about 5 minutes. Then wipe with a cloth, rinse, and repeat as much as necessary until the stain comes out.

Carpet Cleaner
Here is the dirty water from the carpet cleaner I rented. I used my homemade cleaner instead of purchasing theirs. My next purchase will definitely be my own carpet cleaner. I think they work better and I will use it all the time! My friend has this awesome spot cleaner that is small, very portable, and perfect for spot cleaning pet stains. 

2 thoughts on “Carpet Cleaner and Stain Remover”

  1. Dawn ultra platinum really is amazing! I’ve gotten grease and oil stains out of so many shirts using it. I can’t wait to try this mixture on our mysterious new carpet stain. We schedule professional carpet cleanings annually and they do such a good job removing stains but they won’t be coming for a few months and I can’t stand to stare at that stain until then haha Thanks for sharing your solution!

    1. I hope it worked! I have also fallen in love with a portable spot treatment carpet cleaner. I use it on small stains and even in the car when my kids spill. A great investment!

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