How to Crate Train

How to Crate Train a Puppy

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How to Crate Train your New puppy


How to Crate Train

The crate will be an immensely helpful and effective aid for housetraining. Not only do dogs dislike going potty where they sleep, so the crate will help your dog learn to hold it longer, but the crate can become your dog’s safe haven where he goes when he needs space, or where he can find comfort when he is at a sitter’s.

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What kind of crate do I need?

When choosing a crate, don’t get one that will be the appropriate size for your full-grown dog. This will give your dog room to sleep and room to eliminate. If you don’t want to be buying a new crate every month, divide the bigger crate into a section with just enough room for your puppy to turn around and lay down in. Some crates come with dividers; the right sized cardboard wall can work for others.

My favorite kind of crate is wire: they come in a variety of sizes, they have a lower tray that slides out for easy cleaning, they’re secure and can’t be chewed on like plastic crates, and they’re collapsable for easy travel. Here’s an example of one. Remember to get the right size for your dog!

How to crate train a puppy

Clearly Izzy has free access to our comfortable bed

Anyone notice a surprise friend in the picture?
how to crate train
Yet she often chooses on her own to sleep in her crate.

How to Crate train the gentle way

Crate training is such a good way to give your dog a safe, peaceful haven, as well as aid in potty training. When done correctly, dogs can learn to love their crate. Just take it slow! Don’t be in a rush. I know if you follow these steps you can peacefully train your dog to be happy and safe in their crate

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