Sell house with pets

Tips for selling your house-with Pets

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When selling your house you want to do everything possible to make buyers want to think your house is THEIR house. You want them to picture themselves living there, and that can be hard if they’re not animal people. Not my kind of people, but we’re trying to appeal to the masses here. 🙂

So if you have animals, it’s important to hide any evidence of them. Pets can be a huge turnoff for potential buyers. Animals have a smell, they can ruin carpets and other flooring, they chew on blinds and walls, they ruin lawns. All tiny negatives in my opinion for all they offer us, but again, think of the buyers.

How to hide all evidence of your pets:

  1. Get them out of there. Nothing is a bigger turn-off to buyers than a dog rushing them as they enter, barking at them from the backyard, or a cat rubbing up on their leg and they have a cat allergy. The best thing to do to sell your home without buyers noticing your pets is to not have them there at all during showings. If you have dogs, take them with you when you leave during showings. If you’ll be at work, take them to a doggie daycare or a friend’s house if there is any possibility of showings. If you have a cat, many doggy daycares, vets, and groomers do daycare or boarding for cats.
  2. Hide dog beds, food and water bowls, cat litter, scratching posts, toys, decorations that allude to pets, everything. To make things easier while still allowing your animals to use such things, find a spot in the garage to put everything, then put a blanket over it. Or keep an open space in a closet or cupboard behind hanging clothes. Be sure to clean up dog messes outside, and make sure your lawn doesn’t have urine staines. This product is the only one I trust after loads of research for fixing this problem. You spray it on the lawn, instead of supplementing your dog, which can cause GI issues.
  3. The smell. We all love our pets, but there is no mistaking the fact that there is a smell associated with them. Even if our pets are perfectly potty trained, and well-bathed, it can be hard to hide their natural odor. This post goes over everything you need to know about keeping your house smelling fresh all the time. Air fresheners and candles can be overpowering, and be a hint to buyers that there is an odor you are trying to hide. Find a subtle candle, and blow it out right before showings start. Bake cookies before a showing, or do a fresh load of laundry with fabric softener. Doing a quick wipe-down of the bathrooms should be on your pre-showing list anyway, and give a great just-cleaned smell throughout. Smells that would be in a home, but that are appealing, are best.

We love our pets so much, but not everyone feels the same about our fur babies, and we do not want that to limit our options for potential buyers. Some simple, quick tasks can check one thing off your home-selling list.

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